How To Train like a Pro with Tori Hickel

3 day quick start camp involving a workout, shooting session, interactive coaching and chalk talk each day. participants will receive personalized training logs including nutrition information, daily food/training log checklist, workouts from the week, and routines to become an elite athlete. Sign-up to get prepared for summer training now! limited spots. $100


Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans

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I will help design a personalized nutrition/lifestyle plan that is structured to fit your goals.

Includes personalized: Nutrition Guide, Grocery store list, Daily food log, routine reconstruction guide, and weekly Coaching. more upon request!

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I have loved working with Tori! We met up over the summer and she helped me come up with a nutrition & fitness plan. I learned that I wasn’t eating enough protein and that I needed to add more high intensity intervals to my weekly exercise routine. One of things I love is that Tori really focuses on having and encouraging others to have an overall healthy lifestyle instead of a “going on a diet” mentality. She really encourages having balance with exercise and nutrition. She’s also awesome at answering nutrition questions that I have and is super encouraging & supportive!
— Client


Private lessons include:

Hockey training such as off-ice shooting and on-ice practice appearances Dryland training outdoors (mountain running, hill sprints, stairs, track). In-gym training

Lectures to businesses, teams, or groups on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and or hockey related training.

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CONTACT ONLY by email for corporate lectures/workshops.

Grocery Store Shopping Guide

Feeling lost when trying to pick the healthiest foods and best brands in the grocery store? Sign up to book a private shopping tour with me to walk and talk you through the best options to pick for your needs and why! (currently only available in Anchorage, Alaska)