Julian Carr


Utah Native, Professional Skier, 2x World Record holder for Cliff front flips, Mountain Race Director for Cirque Series, and Founder of Discrete Clothing! Through his athletic platform, Carr has built an empire of “pushing peaks,” promoting the love for the outdoors. An inspiration to many! More on his website: juliancarr.squarespace.com

Food Motto-

“Eat what you want to, with sensibility’. Common denominator is avoiding grains.  I’ve found/learned I align with oily/fatty foods; fish, avocado, olives, nuts.. leaning towards a paleo diet rounded out with lots of greens & fruit.”

Favorite snack while in the mountains -

Plain organic almonds & dark chocolate. 

Feel good drink (smoothie) -

Spirulina, kale, broccoli, carrot, ginger, BCAAs, coconut milk, almond based yogurt, water, & banana. 

What does nutrition mean to you? -

“Nutrition is hugely important in my life, as I always say my idea of wealth is health & happiness (I even took the next step to have my blood work studied that reflects, overall, very good health evaluation, however, my insulin was high, hence, my avoidance of grains.. my blood type doesn’t metabolize carbs/grains, but metabolizes oily rich foods and greens efficiently.  It’s wild to learn that, for years, I was eating a massive bowl of premium oatmeal every morning.. to find out that eating bacon, eggs, olives is much better for me.  And I can feel it, and see it. I’ve always felt great, but now I feel like I am hitting a brand new stride with my energy and vitality.  It’s exciting). But I’ll still throw down a good burger once a month or so.” 

What motivated you to start your own business? -

“I started Discrete as am important undercurrent to my skiing career, as a professional athlete, you have a shelf life, Discrete is a constant source of challenge and reward, with roots in the mountains, another platform of expression for my love of the outdoors. I have been fortunate to leverage Discrete via my professional skiing platform, and vice versa. Most recently, I founded Cirque Series, a mountain running race series with six stops in four states in the USA; Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Idaho.  Over the next 3-5 years as I transition out of professional skiing I’ve built Discrete & Cirque Series into viable businesses that I can still be entrenched in storytelling based around high alpine fun/pursuits.”  

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