Prebiotics & Probiotics

Steps to proper health: A well functioning Gut..

Our gut bacteria (microbiome) is a powerful thing in our GI tract.  These bacterias control many bodily functions like, changing how the foods we consume are digested, sending inflammatory signals to brain, how we control insulin levels, how our hormones are produced, how much nutrients are absorbed from our diet, etc. I have started to eliminate fake sugars like sucralose and processed foods and incorporating more pre and probiotics to gain a more well functioning gut. Prebiotics are considered the living place for stimulating proper growth of the probiotic bacteria . This helps balance harmful bacteria and toxins living in our digestive tract. Pre and probiotics give your body the ability to fight infection, and properly absorb nutrients. Also aiding in supporting immune system functions, proper digestion, reducing inflammation, improving mental wellness and skin integrity.

  • Probiotics:
    • Kombucha
    • Yogurt, cheese, kefir
    • Red wine
    • Miso
  • Prebiotics:
    • barley, oats, beans
    • chia/flax seeds
    • berries, bananas, apples
    • garlic,onions

Taking a basic probiotic pill and mixing prebiotic supplement into morning smoothies have made a big difference with my digestion. I've found it very interesting learning about the gut bacteria because its been a previous struggle of mine. Here are the first steps that have worked for me:

  • Cleaning up diet, adding more whole foods
  • Cut out all fake sugars like sucralose(all 0 calorie/diet drinks)
  • Start trying more fermented foods and drinks, along foods higher in fiber
  • Eating less gluten(for me, white flour)
  • Choosing lactose free
  • Down sizing meal portions for easier digestion

It will take some time to reverse your gut health, but being more aware of it now will make a big impact on your health in the future. Try choosing 2-3 of these steps and see if they work for you! Here is the green drink I make with prebiotic supplement:

Green Prebiotic Smoothie

  • 1 cup spinach
  • thumb size minced ginger
  • 1/4 squeezed lemon
  • 1 scoop prebiotic supplement
  • 1 cup of coconut milk or water
  • Blend!