Quality of life & Fika


Here in Sweden they call it "fika," which means going to have coffee and pastry with company. In the states we call it having a coffee break, but here in Sweden its more than that, its spending quality time with friends and family over a cup of coffee. I've learned the importance of fika very quickly when noticing its everywhere and a way of life here in Sweden.

Since I've adopted the fika bug, my free time has been filled with exploring all the unique cafes around Stockholm soaking in the culture. On social media I follow a few local café and restaurant bloggers to find the secret spots around town (big help.)


This season, one of my bucket list tasks were to attend an opening of a new café. Which I have accomplished! Today was opening day for a second location of one of my favorite cafes, and I had a morning off hockey. Whoop.


Pascal Café is a modern, earthy, rustic café with amazing pastries, fresh loafs of bread, soups from scratch, beetroot salads, sandwiches, chia pudding, avocado toast and more. Many cafes in Sweden have grab and go foods and sit down meals, a destination for anytime of day.

The importance of taking a break or time off in Sweden is valued. It's the "no rush" notion of being in the moment part of your day. Fika resonates with me because it's the time when I put my phone down, disconnect from social media, engage with friends, and most of all being present where I am. I've introduced fika to my family at home in Alaska and they love it. I will take my sister to fika and be there for hours.

Being present in the moment is not an easy thing to do with our fast, immediate, consuming environment. The activity of going to fika has enabled me to be calm, less stressed, and present. Sitting with friends, or doing work over a cup of coffee, fika has been precious time off mentally and physically. Something I look forward to every week! Treat yourself, family, or friends to fika and challenge yourself to be in the moment.