Native to Anchorage, Alaska inspired by nutrition, fitness, outdoors, hockey, and quality of life. Hockey led me to Northeastern University in Boston where I played college hockey, from there I traveled overseas to Stockholm, Sweden to pursue further professional opportunities in hockey. Now I am living in Calgary, Canada playing for the Calgary Inferno in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. My journey has provided me with many opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience in nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and fitness, that I am inspired to share.

Why I started?

I've developed this website as a platform to share my ways of exercise nutrition and lifestyle. Due to having a sensitive stomach, painful gut issues, bloating, and inflammation I've been inspired by my personal health struggles to start making changes in my diet. After lots of research and experimenting with different foods I've learned to change my gut health and eating habits for optimal nutrient intake and proper digestion. Reverting back to a plant base diet structure, lowering stress levels, and using the "food as medicine" motto has made an incredible impact on my overall health, wellness, and athletic performance. Currently, I'm a certified sports and exercise nutrition & Health coach with many years of experience through being an elite athlete. I'm looking forward to sharing my tips for those who are going through similar experiences, and or are in search of tweaking their lifestyle to improve personal health and wellness goals.